Ammo Room Lighting Exercise

This exercise we concentrated mainly on designing the materials that went into the scene along with the lighting and overall color scheme.

We started by concentrating mainly on the materials for the first week.  After I had mapped all of the objects, including the walls and floor with mostly original textures (I found a tutorial to help with the steel bars) I placed a few rudimentary lights in the scene.  As you can see it’s not a lot, and the moon light isn’t working very well.


After this project, our next assignment was to work on the lights more.  I messed around with a lot of small omni lights, making them act as soft reflections from the items in the scene.  I did this by taking the color of the floor, or barrel, or box and applying it to the light.  Then I decayed the lights so that only a very soft hint would show up.  I also brought in a very soft, but large white omni, as it was suggested to see more of the roof and room, but I still wanted to keep it dark.

Here is the finished result, please let me know what you think:



2 Responses to Ammo Room Lighting Exercise

  1. Looks pretty sweet! So you’re taking the game art classes at ACC? The lighting looks good. I also like the shadows. You even have a nudie poster up on the wall. So this was all done in 3D Studio Max?

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